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People often believe that information stands on its own merits and that's absolutely true if you're in a room full of specialists who can interpret and apply the data to whatever industry applies. However, for the average person, the way data is presented seriously impacts their experience with the information. At its core, data visualisation is meant to tell a story about what's happening in the world. The impact of presenting data in a certain way has been used by both tyrannical governments and the most progressive businesses for their own ends. This shows you that how you present your data can deeply influence how your audience perceives that data.

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There are a few key elements incorporated in presenting data well, and those include the font, visual hierarchy, and colour. Fonts dictate the tone of the information being presented. Often using a neutral font like Helvetica Neue, Gotham, Grotesque or Calibri can lead to the best interpretation of your data possible. Some individuals with less experience working in design will use fonts that are built to deliberately stand out as anchor information in their presentations. The problem with fonts that stand out is that they usually trade legibility for pizzazz. The reason it's important to carefully consider fonts, form and colour when presenting data is the more balanced a design element is the less your brain needs to process before you can begin absorbing the information. The fact your brain doesn't have to work as hard, even subconsciously, is what provides people with a sense of ease when reading your data.

Visual hierarchy is the way in which you organise your data, presenting the most important facts first or in a more dominant first followed by the secondary information. Often people will present information to an audience as if all information is equal. If you're trying to make a point, which most people are when they're relying on data for a presentation, then you need to put the information that directly correlates to that point first or foremost in the presentation and with the most emphasis. Colour is the last major factor of data design that I'd like to review. Colour is a little bit more of a simple concept to grasp and manoeuvre than font or hierarchy. This is because colour is often something that is universal as we all have pretty strong emotions attached to colours that are often ingrained in our cultural heritage. If you're presenting data, colours should be used to either help distinguish your data from each other or to invoke a feeling about the numbers being seen on the screen.

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