Add a Touch of Flair To Your Restaurant, Hire a Menu Designer in Sydney

It's naive to think that the menus we see when we sit down at a restaurant are just off-the-cuff descriptions of what's being served to eat and drink. Many restaurant owners try to design their own menus, and this can be a good idea if you want to add a touch of personal flair to your restaurant and build it around your image. But often, people make a lot of beginner’s mistakes when designing their menu. The most common mistakes usually revolve around the font, menu layout, and colour.

Common issues people experience when designing menus

If you’re considering menu design in Sydney stop by any major restaurant chain in your area and you'll notice that some menus follow similar layouts. Some are mostly text based descriptions of what they serve with a few pictures of the premier dishes they offer however the style for cafés or higher end restaurants would rarely have images of the food. There is a lot of information you can learn about menu design by analysing these menus. The first thing that should stand out is that the body fonts are consistent all the way through the menu, and they need to be big enough to be legible in lower lighting and for older guests but small enough to give you space on the page. The menu layout is another thing some restaurant owners struggle with. Most menus should generally follow a simple order of appetisers, soups, and salads followed by your main dishes and then concluded with dessert. For some cuisines there are different styles of course preparation and a lot of restaurants have clever approaches to incorporating these elements. Finally, colour is a major issue that most people struggle with on menus. It is important to consider the enviromment, interior design and the food when deciding on colours and of course your menu colours must compliment each other. White space can ooze class and luxury so don’t’ be afraid to use it in abundance and let the typography bring the page to life and engage the diner

It's important to remember that the spirit of a menu isn't conferred by the designer or stylist. Instead, it's the product of the restaurant owner or head chef’s vision of the culture they want to promote in their restaurant. Whether it's a Michelin star restaurant or a casual mum and dad cafe, it's important that the menu is developed with the tastes of the clientele in mind. The goal of the menu is to be informative and evocative to impress and entice guests to eat at your restaurant and keep them coming back.

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